Thank you for your purchase. Your order will be delivered within 24-48 hours.  Once your order has been delivered you will have access to download instructions from your account dashboard on our website. Please remember not to use our products in public rooms so they last a long time.

You may access your account dashboard on the link below where you also will get access to our support ticket system in case you need any help we are here for you.

You may also find us on our discord channel by clicking the button below.

Note that we do not offer support through imvu chat or imvu messages, so please do not message us on the accounts that send you the products. Once you receive the gifts the messages should be removed from your inbox entirely without any message back to us. If you do so you will not receive an answer as we do not monitor the inbox on these accounts. We also do not offer support through email as the emails for support would get shadowed by emails with incoming orders, so please just use our support ticket system as it helps us keep a record of everything or worse case scenario if it’s an emergency discord.