All products on our website currently come with a 6 months free replacement warranty, meaning in a product is taken from you by imvu within this time frame you should contact us for a replacement. However if a product is taken from you after the first 6 months expire and you want the product back you will have to pay 50% of the initial price.

Note: We will do our best to have replacements already in place each month, however if for some reason we were not able to make a backup of a certain product replacements will be sent as soon as possible as it takes time to set up accounts properly for uploading and wait for slow peer review process ( this is out of our control ).

Also if for some reason we are unable to make a replacement of a certain product you can choose another product of equal value that is available.

Important Notice: Warranty replacement is voided if we discover you made a product that you purchased from us public! Imvu finds bm products alot faster when they are used in public rooms. If we discover you made one of our products public you will need to pay full price for a replacement and if you still continue to make products from us public after that we will deny future orders from you. Please understand that this measure has to be taken for your safety as well as ours.