If a product is taken from you within 6 months of your purchase contact us and let us know. Also if your warranty passed and you want a product back you can contact us but in this case you will be charged 50% of the initial price. We do our best to make some backups for our products each month. If you contact us and we have a backup in place for that product we will replace it as soon as you let us know. However if we don’t have a backup in place for a certain product the delivery of the replacement will take place as soon as it’s available as several accounts are needed to re upload everything we lost and the peer review wait is long these days something that is not under our control. Setting up an account depends entirely on imvu. There is nothing on our side that we can do to speed that up. Also if for some reason we are unable to make a replacement of a certain product we can replace it with a similar priced one on your request.

Important Notice: Warranty replacement is voided if we discover you made a product that you purchased from us public! Imvu finds bm products alot faster when they are used in public rooms. If we discover you made one of our products public you will need to pay full price for a replacement and if you still continue to make products from us public after that we will deny future orders from you. Please understand that this measure has to be taken for your safety as well as ours.