Safety Rules

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We want to help minimize the risk of items being flagged so all of our members may enjoy their purchases so for a fast delivery please read and follow the rules below and Watch Video Tutorial Here if you need help.

  1. You should never make our rooms public in imvu or use any of our poses, trigger dicks or furniture in public rooms.
  2. Once the product has been delivered you are required to delete the messages with the gifts alongside any instructions that will come with them completely from your imvu inbox. That includes deleting from client and also from the community and the classic messages on homepage.
  3. If you do take pictures using our products make sure they are stored in a private album and also not distributed on feed.
  4. We recommend you don’t save the triggers as outfits but if you do make sure they are not set as your default outfit as they are visible on mobile for anyone. Also make sure that your outfits are completely hidden in imvu from products in scene.
  5. Please make sure your imvu account allows messages from everyone until pe confirm that the order has been sent.

Note: If we find out you broke any of those rules we will revoke any replacement warranty and stop delivering products to you in the future.
By signing this page below you agree to follow these rules to the letter. Thank you for your purchase!

After signing this form you will be redirected automatically and be able to purchase your desired products